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The world’s developing countries need more energy than ever and energy prices will continue to rise as we use up the fossil fuels. Because we have been subsidizing energy for many years and because of market forces, developing technologies to make and store energy and creating high-efficiency products has not been a priority of US business. As a result, technology is far behind and none of the alternative energy options are viable at this time. So, the perception is that we all need to reduce energy use to save money and prevent our enemies from becoming rich by selling us energy at an ever-increasing rate.

Our answer is energy efficiency and energy conservation, which are two very different things. Energy efficiency is using a light bulb that uses less energy. Energy conservation is turning the light bulb off. We in the USA are about to undergo a paradigm shift in our country where efficiency and green thinking become commonplace. Take 20 minutes to listen to this… www.thestoryofstuff.com and you will see what is on the horizon for this country now. The economic problem that the US is going through now offers another good reason for you to get into energy-related technologies, because energy is a growth industry in this economy. Want to offer something that your competitors don’t have? You may not feel like crawling around under houses anymore. Walking around a house with an IR camera and making a report on a computer for a couple of hundred dollars may make sense to you.

If you understand residential construction, want to help your country, your community and your neighbors save energy, and want a great business, this is perfect for you.


We are looking for building technicians of all types:

  • Infrared Thermographers
  • Home Inspectors
  • Energy Raters (HERS RATERS)
  • Building Contractors
  • Others with a strong knowledge of residential construction, including journeyman carpenters and building inspectors.


Cost for the EnergyScanIR™ Module is $995. This is what is included:

  • Sophisticated National Marketing Campaign
  • Leads by Territory
  • Customized training seminars:
    1. The Basic Survey - How to perform the EnergyScanIR™ Residential IR Survey
    2. The Enhanced Survey: Everything above with using a Door Fan
    3. EnergyScanIR™ - The Network, the System & How to Use the Leads
    4. Business marketing and sales seminar on energy
  • Advertizing documents and videos that you can use and customize
  • Legal documents for the residential IR survey (report template, invoicing and disclaimers, etc.)


How do I get EnergyScanIR™ Module?

To learn more about United Infrared, Inc. and the offered Modules including EnergyScanIR™, and to purchase membership and training on our online store, please visit the United Infrared website.
To join United Infrared, Inc., please visit our store, click on membership to purchase the United Infrared Membership. Then click on modules to purchase the EnergyScanIR Module. Following your purchase, you will receive a Welcome Letter with membership and training class information.